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skills clinics

We offer skills clinics from a Professional racer and qualified MTB skills coach for those of you who want to improve your technical riding skills & would like to get more comfortable riding more challenging, technical steeper "enduro style” all-mountain trails. These clinics will usually be a one-day or a half-day clinic, depending on what you would like to gain from the clinic. We don't offer "jump" or "drop" specific clinics, but what we do offer is to teach you how to ride your local trails better, faster, more efficient & with more confidence. We'll tackle the tracks that leave you shivering in your boots and get over any or all the obstacles along the way. We also teach how to race enduro style races better & how you can improve your racing skills and prepare yourself as best possible for any upcoming races.

I love teaching beginner clinics as they are the most rewarding to see a complete novice grasp new ideas and concepts and seeing them put it to action and feeling so happy & excited when they nail it. Whether you've just swung your leg over a mountain bike for the very first time or just getting into it, this is the go to clinic to learn some of the vital fundamentals to set you up for speedy progression and having more fun on your bike.


half day clinics: $140 per person, between 3-4 hours of one on one coaching.

full day clinics:  $200 per person, usually around a 6 hour day with a break for lunch.


These are the clinics that will elevate your riding to the next level. 

This is where you'll learn how to stick with your partner down the track, how to nail that tight switchback that always gets you, dropping off the log that always freaks you out, yes, we'll conquer all the little silly things that have stopped you from progressing on your favourite tracks. This is also where we'll have to push ourselves out of old habits and out of comfort zones.

Our advanced clinics are when we head into the wilderness, the backcountry, the out there tracks that you've only ever heard of or dreamed of riding and tackling. It may be a heli-drop down some treacherous, rooty strewn track, or a three hour hike-a-bike up to the top of some mountain peak. This is where you'll learn how to tap into your most adventurous side, where you'll push yourself to the next level, take risks, scare yourself and feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins only to leave the biggest smile ever on your face.
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